ZircoDATA Acquires Archivewise Records Storage

February 28, 2017—Melbourne, AustraliaZircoDATA, a leading national information management company in Australia has confirmed their acquisition of Archivewise Records Storage based in Perth, Western Australia, on 15 March 2017.

With the acquisition, ZircoDATA will assume responsibility for Archivewise’s strong customer base, growing its presence in Western Australia. Terms of the deal were undisclosed.

“Archivewise is a strong business that delivers trusted and dependable services to organisations in Western Australia,” said Dennis Barnedt, Executive Chairman, ZircoDATA. “Archivewise succeeded in building a strong customer base with a great service reputation that will fit in well with our current operations. We are confident ZircoDATA will continue to provide secure, attentive records and information management services. The acquisition bolsters ZircoDATA’s position as a leading records management company in Western Australia.”

“Acquisitions and new service offerings are key components of ZircoDATA’s strategic focus to grow its business in Australia. The acquisition of Archivewise aligns with our objective for growing our presence in the Western Australia market.” said Dennis Barnedt.

About ZircoDATA

ZircoDATA has over 25 years’ experience in delivering records and information management services to the Australian market. Independently owned, ZircoDATA is recognised as a dynamic and innovative provider of records and information management services across all of Australia. Visit www.zircodata.com.au for more information.