EDC Record Center Software and RcMobile Drive Efficient Operations

Montreal, Quebec - DocuData has added great new features to EDC Record Center Software and rcMobile. DocuData’s EDC RC Software is available in the cloud or server-based. The rcMobile app works on any type of device (smartphone, tablet, iPod, etc.).

Use rcMobile to track your files, boxes, bins and containers. Know where they are and where they have been. See how rcMobile validates the recipient by PIN or signature onsite. RcMobile helps you respects the chain of custody.

RcMobile will increase the productivity of your employees. You can use rcMobile to perform all your record center operations. It validates each step of your processes. RcMobile works in your warehouse and on the road.

Learn how EDC RC Software can help grow your business by offering more services. Come by the DocuData booth for live demos of EDC RC Software and rcMobile.

About DocuData Software: Created in 2000 by Docu-Depot, a full service commercial record center. DocuData has the best software to manage all your services. We understand the challenges you face. We find practical solutions to help you succeed. www.docudatasoft.com