PRISM/CSR Readiness Program

PRISM/CSR Readiness Program

This exciting new program is available to PRISM members at no additional cost!

PRISM CSR Readiness ProgramWhat is the PRISM/CSR Readiness Program?

  • A privacy risk self-assessment tool that will help your business be in a better state of compliance with the regulations associated with the life-cycle management of PII (Personally Identifiable Information)
  • Identifies deficiencies in regards to your data management practices of PII
  • Offers solutions and privacy practices to help you remediate each deficiency

It’s a 3-step process:

  • GAP Analytics
  • Remediation Schedule
  • Certification of Completion (Annual)

PRISM International Certified Privacy+ LogoThe PRISM/CSR Readiness Program is your first step to becoming Privacy+ Certified

CSR Readiness will:

  • Conduct an internal risk assessment
  • Remediate weaknesses found
  • Enhance your internal controls with privacy best practices
  • Increase success in the Privacy+ Certification audit

Those who achieve the PRISM/CSR Readiness Program Certification of Completion will receive $50 off their companies' Privacy+ Certification application. This discount applies to both new and renew applicants. Limit one per company and must be used within one year of the issue date.

Note, at this time, the PRISM/CSR Readiness Program is available to PRISM members in Ireland, United Kingdom and the United States. Please check back here as this program continues to expand.
For technical support, please contact the CSR Readiness Help Center.


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